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Welcome to the Zoltan Kemeny website dedicated to the van Stuijvenberg collection.

The Hungarian artist Zoltan Kemeny was born in 1907 in Banica, Transylvania. In 1930 he moved to Paris and in 1942 he settled in Zurich, Switserland. Kemeny became internationally well known for his metal reliefs at the end of the fifties. Amongst numerous exhibitions worldwide Kemeny took part in the second and third Dokumenta in Kassel and exhibited at the Tate Gallery in London and Galerie Fachetti in Paris. ln 1964, when Robert Rauschenberg took out the Grand Prix for painting at the Venice Bienalle, Zoltan Kemeny representing Switserland, won the same award for sculpture. Only one year later Zoltan Kemeny died at the age of 58.

At this moment there are three main collections of Kemeny’s work: one based at the museé national d’art moderne Centre Pompidou in Paris, collection Margrit Loh in Zug and the van Stuijvenberg collection which is the largest private collection and incorporates 13 metal reliefs by Zoltan Kemeny.

Rebellion 1964 Mathematical chance 1962

Going through the collection one by one is best started at the works page. Or you can choose either metal reliefs, sculptures, relief-collages or paintings, whichever you are interested in most. By clicking on the title of your choice you can enlarge.

The collection is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is available for exhibition in museums.
We hope you will enjoy the collection and get inspired by it. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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